Our promise to you

We are a national law firm with a local approach.

For your convenience, we come to you, at home, library or meeting room, or if you prefer we can discuss your claim on the telephone or by email. Our local approach means you are getting direct help from your own Solicitor.

We are passionate about what we do. Our ethos of always putting the client first and our commitment has led to better results for our clients

Through being driven by social conscience and a need to effect a lasting positive difference for clients Victoria Mark has gone on to successfully claim the right compensation for thousands of clients.

The choice to make a claim takes courage and we feel privileged to support you in taking action against those who abuse the rules of the law to avoid their responsibilities and obligations


Always Stand Up for the Little Guy

We protect the rights of the individual and give a voice to those who would otherwise be unheard. We value justice and equality. We are ethical. We are tenacious, fiercely loyal and dedicated to our clients. We pride ourselves on never shying away from the tough cases and always putting people first. We hold true to our values.

Dare to be Different

We are not your typical law firm we dare to be different. We take a unique approach to our work and challenge the norms of the “traditional law firm”. We look at things differently and take what others see as the impossible as an opportunity. We do things that others would be afraid to attempt. We set new standards. We aren’t afraid to take risks in order to change the world one victory at a time.

Ahead of the Pack

We stay ahead of the pack and invest in training and our business. We value personal growth and development. We are committed to making a difference. We feel energised by the achievement of outstanding results for our clients. Our uncompromising commitment to our clients is part of our success.

Stand your ground and right wrong

We seek justice for you standing up for your rights means safeguarding the rights of those around you too. We hope to empower you to seek justice for yourself and your family.

Supporting your right to legal representation

You have the right to stand up against injustice you can have the legal representation you deserve without having to use large factory type firms. We are specialist Solicitors. At the heart of the business is our aim to achieve the absolute best outcome for you, to achieve the maximum compensation, efficiently, with the least impact on you and your family.

We come to you

It is not always easy for our clients to travel to appointments. That is why we are happy to come to you. After we have discussed your case on the phone, our expert Solicitor can visit you at home, at work or wherever suits you.

We’d love to hear from you contact us today to discuss your claim and to arrange your free consultation.

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