An accident at work, what next?

Having dealt with thousands of accident at work claims and many other types of claim I would say that by far the biggest hurdle you will face in seeking accident at work compensation is having the courage to claim against your employer.

Claimants, i.e. the injured person, are often intimidated by the process and worry about losing their job as a result of bringing a claim. Your employer cannot treat you differently because you are bringing a claim. They are insured against such claims under their employer’s liability insurance. In many cases had the employer had sufficient regard for the safety of their employees, i.e. you, the accident and injury could have been avoided.

The purpose of bringing the claim is to obtain you monetary compensation, but often a consequence of a claim being brought against an employer is that they buck their ideas up, address issues in their systems and working practices meaning that future accidents and injuries are avoided.

If you have been injured at work and it was not your fault you are entitled to bring a claim for compensation for pain suffering and loss of amenity together with a claim for any accident related financial losses. Accidents and injury change lives, they can have a significant impact both physically, emotionally and financially. Often following an accident at work sick pay does not cover the duration of the time off and you are left out of pocket and without the ability to pay the bills. A true expert Personal Injury Solicitor will help you get back on your feet and we will their expertise to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

 Our clients often say “I’ve had an accident at work how much compensation will I receive?” Each case is different and the amount you will receive depends on many factors which are unique to you and your claim. A quick chat with an independent expert Solicitor will give you an indication, but in real terms it all depends on you, your injury, the recovery period, the permanency of any ongoing accident related symptoms and the financial losses attributable to the accident.

 Another question is “I’ve had an accident at work how long to claim?” Generally you have three years from the date of the accident to commence your claim in court, different rules can apply so don’t delay; seek legal advice immediately. Your Solicitor will discuss things with you and will send your employers an accident at work letter of claim detailing why you say they are to blame for the accident at work.

 Depending the amount of time you have off and the nature of the accident at work HSE or the Health and Safety Executive must be informed and a form completed by the employer.

The process of claiming is simple if you have an expert Solicitor on your side, one who has dealt with thousands of accidents at work, who knows the accident at work legislation, the allegations of negligence and or breach of statutory duty to allege and who can advance the strongest possible case on your behalf giving you the absolute best chance of succeeding.

Victoria Mark Owner and Principal Solicitor Lofthouse Mark Solicitors

If you have any questions or wish to discuss a potential claim call Victoria Mark at Lofthouse Mark Solicitors on 01947 88 11 41.

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