Farm  or Agricultural Injury Compensation Claims

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Farming and Agriculture are one of the most dangerous industries to work in

claim for farming accident

Statistics show that those working in these industries are far more likely to be injured in an accident at work than say an office worker. Those visiting a working farm land are also at an increased risk of accident and injury.

The equipment used on farms and the environment of agricultural work means that accidents on farms can be extremely serious, often leaving people unable to work for periods of time. Injuries suffered can be fatal.

If you have suffered an injury following an accident on a farm, we can help you to make a claim for compensation. We have a great deal of experience in acting for clients in serious injury claims resulting from accidents on farms.

HSE have identified that although fewer than 1.5% of the working population are employed in agriculture yet the sector is responsible for between 15% and 20% of fatalities to workers each year.

Fatal injuries on farms

If you are employed in agriculture and have ever applied for life insurance or critical illness you will no doubt have been advised that you work in a high risk environment. The fatal injury incidence rate is the higher than construction this is also a very high risk area of  employment. This makes it one of the most dangerous working environments.

If your loved one has been involved in a fatal accident whilst working in an agricultural environment such as farming or forestry it is important that you have receive independent expert legal advice.

You are entitled to receive the best representation to ensure that you receive the correct level of compensation.    

Agricultural claims need expert handling

These types of claims are often very technical involving the co-ordination of many types of experts so as to ensure the correct level of compensation is achieved. It is important that your Solicitor understands the complexities if these types of claims and can identify the types of  experts and specialists needed to support your claim an ensure that you are fully compensated for the injuries suffered and the effects they have had on you and will have on you and your ability to work in the future.  

Do I have a claim for farm or agricultural injury?

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