Clinical Negligence claims

Lofthouse Mark are experts in clinical negligence claims. Start your medical negligence claim by contacting us now for a free no-obligation consultation. We will assess your situation and advise whether you have a claim and, if so , how we can take the claim forward for you.

Medical accidents leading to a clinical negligence claim

claim for clinical negligenceThere are various types of medical mistakes made the consequences of which can be huge and have a significant impact. Medical accidents can be caused by an act (amputation of the wrong leg) or an omission (failure to diagnose). By its very nature medical treatment is inherently risky, some outcomes are a natural consequence of the intervention and do not amount to negligence. To bring a successful Clinical Negligence case you have to show that the actions of one or more of the clinicians who treated you fell below an acceptable standard.  That their treatment was below the ordinary skill of a competent professional in his or her field and that no reasonable, well informed, and competent member of the profession would have made that error.

Establishing medical causation for a negligence claim

If the clinicians conduct fell below the relevant standard you then have to show that the injuries you have suffered were “caused” by that negligence. This is called medical causation.

Often expert evidence is required from clinicians within the same discipline who can comment on the standard of care received and if that fell below the relevant standard and on medical causation i.e. did the negligence cause your injury.

When attending for medical treatment or advice we often place ourselves in the hands of the medical experts and place a huge amount of trust in them. They usually deliver a very professional and caring service which means that we get the right treatment and advice. However occasionally they don’t get it right and the consequences can be very serious.

Causes of medical and clinical negligence

Illness and injury can occur as a result of treatment given or not given or because medical professionals have not acted properly. This can occur when there has been:-

Incorrect diagnosis

Incorrect treatment

Important symptoms ignored

A delay in diagnosis or treatment

Failure of a medical product or device

These medical mistakes or poor care given by a doctor or hospital staff can have a huge impact on you or your loved one. We can help you bring a claim for compensation. Contact us today for expert advice. We are dedicated to helping and supporting you throughout the claims process and to obtaining the compensation which you deserve. This should help make life that bit easier. We aim to make a real difference.

Specialist medical negligence advice

Our experienced specialist medical negligence Solicitors are familiar with the whole range of issues you will be facing and know to help you. If you have suffered through poor medical treatment we can help and support you, we will deal with the claim compassionately and with sensitivity. Our experience means we can give you the support, understanding and advice you need at this difficult time.

Using our expert legal analysis we focus on the key issues in your case, tailoring our advice and approach to each individual claim. We use our expertise to ensure the best possible outcome for the victims of medical mistakes, poor care or poor medical treatment. We keep up to date with the latest developments in law and practice. We use our expertise combining our know-how about the conduct of clinical negligence claims with the latest thinking on new and developing areas of practice to ensure that your case is advanced the strongest possible case for you.

Our expert medical negligence Solicitors will provide you with free initial advice on your compensation claim. We will listen to you, what happened, your issues and concerns. We are caring and professional and appreciate the huge impact illness and injury arising out of poor medical treatment can have on our clients both physically, financially and emotionally.

We will keep you fully informed every step of the way. You will have your Solicitors mobile telephone number and can call any time if you have questions or concerns.

Our team of clinical negligence experts

Give the complex nature of these claims we have a team of handpicked medical professionals and Barristers who are experts in their field. We will often arrange for medical reports to be written and seek expert opinions on your treatment and your injuries. 

We will fight fearlessly to help you get the compensation you deserve and will keep you fully informed of everything that is happening throughout.  We believe in your right to Access to Justice and will fight to protect your interests. We will support and advise you each step of the way. Our aim is to obtain you the best possible compensation for the injuries and loss you or your loved one has sustained as a result of medical negligence.

Do I have a claim for clinical negligence?

To find out whether you have a claim for clinical or medical negligence please contact Lofthouse Mark now and you will be given a free, confidential, no-obligations consultation with a fully qualified solicitor who will give you an initial assessment of your situation.

To book your free consultation please phone Lofthouse Mark on 01947 881 141, or email Victoria Mark, or use the contact form on the right.

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