DOG BITES Animals Act 1976

Cases – specifically dog bites not falling into Occupiers Liability category: Dog owners owe the public a duty of care, if the dog is already known to be dangerous and suitable precautions are not taken to keep the public safe a dog owner could be held liable for a dog attack if the dog has a history of violence or aggressive behaviour, yet no precautions such as a muzzle or lead are used as a caution against dog bites.

 As a result of The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 certain breeds were identified as dangerous if these dogs cause injury, dog attack compensation will be payable even if there is no history of previous signs of aggression.

Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 – purpose was to ensure that when private individuals kept dangerous wild animals they do so in circumstances which do not create risk to the public and safeguard the welfare of the animals. This law also requires keepers to have their animals covered by a satisfactory liability insurance policy.

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