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Bikers deserve respect on the road, we should be able to travel from A to B safely without risking life and limb. Many other road users who do not have first hand experience of bikes don’t appreciate the risks that they put Bikers at day in day out. When an accident is car to car a drivers lack of observation, misjudgement of speed or distance can lead to a near miss or minor injury but car to bike and its often a different story.

Motorcycle accidents often leave Bikers with severe life changing injuries. If you are unfortunate enough to be injured whilst out on your Bike you need to have the best specialists Solicitors on your side. Lofthouse Mark are specialist expert Motorcycle Solicitors.

Victoria Mark LLB, Director will handle your claim personally.

As Bikers ourselves we know how important it is to have the correct representation if you’ve had an accident, someone who is aware of the issues from your perspective.

Visit our Biker Law website here www.bikerlaw.co.uk

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