Personal Injury Compensation Guide

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There are many different types of accident. You can only claim compensation if someone else (or a company, organisation etc) was to blame for your injuries.

In establishing blame you have to prove that the accident was caused by the negligence and or breach of Statutory Duty. The failure to use the reasonable care that a prudent person would have used under the same or similar circumstances. Accidents do happen sometimes no one is to blame.

You must have suffered an injury which was caused by the accident. A medical report from an independent medical expert will confirm medical causation ie what injury is medically linked to the accident. 

You can recover compensation, subject to proving fault, for the injury that is medically linked to the accident. Of equal importance is rehabilitation the cost of which can often be recovered from your opponent.

You can also claim compensation for financial losses such as loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses.

We can help you with:

  • Road accident compensation claim
  • Whiplash claim
  • Cycle accident claim
  • Bus passenger injury
  • Medical negligence compensation
  • NHS complaints advice
  • Trip accident claims
  • Falls in a supermarket

Personal injury frequently asked questions:

Do I need a solicitor?

No. You can make a claim directly with an insurer however we would strongly advise against doing so. You should have a expert Solicitor in your corner fighting for your right to compensation.

How much will it cost me?

We work on a No win no fee basis.

How long do I have to claim?

The Limitation Act states in  a personal injury claim that proceedings must be commenced at Court within three years of the date of the accident. If this is not done it is unlikely that you will be able to bring a claim. If you think you have a claim you must act quickly. Contact us today and we will tell you in minutes if you have a claim and how best to proceed.

Will I have to go to Court?

Very few cases end up at court but that is what we work towards if the case does not settle.

How long do claims generally take to settle?

This depends on the injury sustained, the speed of recovery, any treatment needed  and whether liability is in dispute. Most claims for soft tissue injuries settle within 8-12 months.

What if I am partly at fault for the accident?

You can still claim if you were partly responsible for an event occurring. There may be contributory negligence, your compensation will be reduced by the percentage of contributory negligence e.g. if you are found 15% to blame you will receive an award of 85% of damages.

What things can I actually claim for?

There are two main types of claim award in personal injury matters;

General Damages: An award for pain & suffering including loss of amenity.

Special Damages:These damages relate to out of pocket expenses (past or future) including but not limited to – loss of earnings (also bonuses or overtime) car hire expenses, care and services, extra expenses ie; travel costs incurred going to doctors, hospitals, etc, damaged clothing, prescription charged etc.

What amount of compensation will I receive?

Each and every case is different. Contact us today and we can give you an indication based on our experience and the type and nature of your injury.

How do I start my claim?

Claiming with Lofthouse Mark is easy. Make an enquiry with us and we will provide the advice you need.

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