Professional Negligence Claims

Solicitors don’t always get it right. Time  limits and court deadlines get missed, symptoms get overlooked and heads of loss are under claimed or not advanced at all. Incorrect advice can be given to accept an offer which is too low, or to reject an offer which is a good one only for you to recover less at court.  Any one of these things happening on your claim could mean that your Solicitor was negligent leaving you out of pocket.

If think you have a negligence claim contact us today. Our expert Professional Negligence Solicitors can assess your claim and advise you as to the prospects of it succeeding and the likely level of compensation.

Mistakes by your Solicitor can be costly to you as a result of their negligence your claim may have been under settled so it’s important that you have an expert Professional Negligence Solicitor, like us, to assess this for you.

To book your free consultation please phone Lofthouse Mark on 01947 881 141, or email Victoria Mark, or use the contact form on the right.

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