Road Traffic Accident – what you should do

Being involved in a road traffic accident is unpleasant and can affect you both physically and emotionally. It is often a very stressful and anxious time. Adrenalin will be pumping and may cloud your judgement and your normal decision making processes.  In these circumstances would you know what to do or what is expected of you?

When faced with the aftermath of an accident many of us simply don’t appreciate that regardless of who was to blame, there are certain things that need to be dealt with. Uk Law and the  conditions applying to most motor insurance policies mean that certain things have to be done.

Identify the casualties

 – call 999 if necessary. The Police don’t always attend the scene unless there are casualties or the vehicles are obstructing the Highway.

Swop details

– It is vital that you exchange details with all other motorists, cyclists or pedestrians involved. Always include:

Full Name.


Vehicle Registration (it is crucial you get this right as we can search a data base with this information to identify the insurers).

Phone Numbers.

Insurance Details.

Collect evidence

– take photos of the vehicles if possible  before they are moved and of the vehicle damage both close up and from a distance to encompass the whole vehicle so the damage can be seen in context.

*Keep calm and be polite – avoid confrontation. Adrenalin will be pumping but take stock, keep calm and things will be resolved quickly and without a fuss. Do not admit liability or sign anything at the scene.

Call your insurers

 they may be able to provide a recovery vehicle and advise you, but watch out they may guide you towards their own legal team. They may pass on your details so watch out for unsolicited calls from legal representatives. If you require legal advice or want to bring a claim you should call a Solicitor of your choice. You have the right to seek independent legal

If you need legal representation we would urge you to seek independent legal advice from an expert Road Traffic Accident Solicitor.

For more information please contact Victoria Mark Principal Solicitor and owner here at Lofthouse Mark Solicitors.Telepone 01947 881141

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