Unhappy with your solicitor

Not all Solicitors deliver on their promise of good service. You may not have met your legal adviser they may not even be legally qualified.

You should listen to your instincts if you are not happy with them now I would suggest you think about moving to a firm who will give you the level of service you deserve. Where a fully qualified expert Solicitor will deal with your claim and you will have their personal mobile number.

Often poor service, not returning your calls or seeing you is a sign of poor practice, case numbers into the hundreds and you are simply a reference number.

We promise that will not happen with us. We treat our clients as individuals and see that the success of your case is our succeeds. We pride ourselves in offering you the very best service.

To book your free consultation please phone Lofthouse Mark on 01947 881 141, or email Victoria Mark, or use the contact form on the right.

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